Our Maxi-Skirt boosts output by 35% more light

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Our engineering dept. has developed a product that is just starting to be mass produced and has a patent. It is called a Maxi Skirt and is a light reflector that fits onto and beneath a grow light fixture and takes the light that is wasted, to the sides of the fixture and redirects it back onto the plant. Light dissipates at a rapid rate from an artificial light source. Once 3 feet or more from an artificial light source the PAR is minimal.
Our light testing shows that we get an average of more than a 35% increase in light by using the Maxi Skirt. This means we get 35% more light on the plant than without the Maxi Skirt with the same light bulb. Also we redirect the light so it goes under the top branches and stimulates leaves and buds not reached with conventional light fixtures where light is directed mainly down.

Our overall goal is to give you bigger buds all over the plant and not just at the top of the plant!

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