This patented device attaches to a grow lighting fixture and redirects the light that would otherwise go off to the side of the fixture and be wasted, back onto the plant. We not only reuse 35% of the bulbs total light, but we redirect the light back under branches not lit because of other branches above them.

This product will increase your harvest dramatically without any increased electrical charges.


Our fixtures are designed for maximum reflection of dispersed grow lighting down onto the plants. We use the largest fixture we can to get the largest footprint of light onto the plant from a single 1,000 watt bulb. Our exhaustive testing has shown us there is an optimum size fixture for a given bulb and we use this in our grow room designs.

Our PAR Excellance line of fixtures are sturdy, well designed and built to last for many years of service under high temperatures and moisture. Our safety glass lens is also heat resistant to all code standards.


The Hyperion is our proprietary lighting system putting off the highest PAR readings of any bare-bulb fixture on the market in even the farthest corners of it’s footprint. Due to commercial cultivation trends, we understand the need to carry a lighting system that is less labor intensive than the traditional method of vented reflectors with fans and ducting.  We have remanufactured the hood of this particular system to increase PAR in the corners of the footprint. This system also houses our Par Excellance line of double ended HPS or MH bulbs creating an intensity of light necessary for vigorous growth.

*However, we do maintain that a vented close-loop system is optimum for environment control.


Our PAR Excellance bulbs are the best in the industry out PARing and out lasting other bulbs. Our close relationship with our manufacturer allows us to redesign the bulbs to get the max PAR for our applications. Although growing marijuana is of our highest importance, bulb manufacturers have other priorities of use and combine growing marijuana with their other uses. Our bulbs are designed just to maximize growth of marijuana.


Our PAR Excellance 3way electronic digital ballasts are designed to go with our line of bulbs and will operate quietly with years of flawless grow lighting service.

The right combination of fixture, bulb, ballast, and spacing is a clear winner for you and your grow.  With our grow lighting system, you can’t go wrong!

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